Thursday, January 17, 2013

CBIZ contest: Behind the Numbers -- The Secret Lives of CFOs

Calling all Chief Financial Officers (and those who know one).

When others think about the attributes of a CFO, traits such as trustworthy, responsible and dedicated often come to mind. Of course, many also visualize the office number cruncher.

But, being a CFO is just a part of who you are. Your diverse interests and hobbies reflect what makes you…well, you.

There’s finally an opportunity for CFOs to share their stories and showcase that hidden talent or interest beyond the numbers, by entering CBIZ’s contest, “Behind the Numbers -- The Secret Lives of CFOs.”

Between Jan. 15 and March 15, visit the CBIZ Facebook page and upload a picture of yourself demonstrating your talent and vote. The top 10 highest vote getters will win an iPod and a customized plaque. One lucky grand prize winner will also receive a personalized iPad, an award to display in your office, recognition among your peers through all of CBIZ’s social and traditional media, and other cool perks!

If you know a CFO with an interesting passion or hobby, invite them to enter by passing along the easy-to-follow steps below. In order to enter the contest, the entrant’s title must be Chief Financial Officer.

Here are the details:

1. Make sure you have your own Facebook account
2. Click here to go to CBIZ’s Facebook page. From there, you will be able to access the contest page (there will be a link beneath the cover photo). Open it and accept the terms of the contest.
3. Upload any pictures and add a few words about your “secret life” and why this photo represents your passion.
4. Share your photo on Facebook as often as you like, and ask your friends, family, peers and colleagues to vote! It will be as easy as sharing on Facebook.

Not sure if your talent qualifies you to enter? Consider the secret lives of these CFOs who have already entered our contest:

1. Peter, a CFO in California, enjoys participating in triathlons and has a passion for playing hockey.
2. Seth loves hiking. This past winter, he took his family snow shoeing in the woods. In his own words, "Can it get any better?"
3. Janet is a mom who enjoys getting out of the office to surf.
4. Ware, CBIZ's CFO, is based in Cleveland and enjoys biking. Note: As a CBIZ employee, Ware is not eligible to win.

As you can see, the secret talents of CFOs run the gamut, and we want to hear yours! For more information about the contest, check out the video below.

Good luck, and I look forward to learning more about the hobbies and talents of CFOs from around the country!

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