Friday, December 14, 2012

Results and winners from the 2012 CBIZ Food Drive

In a recent blog post, I wrote about the start of our company-wide Mission:Possible food drive. The goal was to collectively donate more than 600,000 pounds of food from offices nationwide to local food banks.

The Etch A Sketch display entry from CBIZ Knoxville.
The results are in and I’m excited to announce that we exceeded our goal and donated 648,000 pounds of food!

I’d like to congratulate each CBIZ employee who participated. Every year I am continually amazed by the generosity of our employees and compassionate spirit that is present in CBIZ offices across the country.

The Mission:Possible food drive also had a contest element with large and small offices receiving corporate donations to their food bank of choice. Winners were determined based on the pounds collected per employee count.

Here are the winners in the large office category (25 or more employees):

1. CBIZ MHM in Easton, Md.
Collected a total of 29,701 pounds, which amounted to 900 pounds per employee.

2. CBIZ Benefits & Insurance in Tucson, Ariz.
Collected a total of 29,136 pounds, which amounted to 747 pounds per employee.

3. CBIZ MHM Thompson Dunavant in Memphis, Tenn.
Collected a total of 32,349 pounds, which amounted to 404 pounds per employee. The Memphis office is relatively new to CBIZ, so we’d like to especially congratulate them on this feat!

Here are the winners in the small office category (fewer than 25 employees):

1. CBIZ Benefits & Insurance and CBIZ Payroll in Charlotte, N.C.
Collected a total of 7,560 pounds, which amounted to 1,260 pounds per employee.

2. CBIZ Payroll in Palm Desert, Calif.
Collected a total of 3,951 pounds, which amounted to 395 pounds per employee.

3. CBIZ MMP in Rome, Ga.
Collected a total of 4,040 pounds, which amounted to 289 pounds per employee.

We’d also like to recognize the most improved offices in both categories.

CBIZ Network Solutions in St. Louis, Mo., a large office category participant, recorded a 979 percent improvement. This year they collected 5,678 pounds. Last year they collected 526 pounds.

MMP in Plano, Texas, won the most improved office in the small office category. They collected 1,300 pounds of food this year, a 7,547 percent improvement after collecting 17 pounds in 2011. 

Many of the CBIZ offices held individual fundraisers and activities to drive interest and raise money for the food drive. Be sure to check back next week for another blog post about the creative strategies many offices used to increase donations. We’ll be highlighting some of the best themes, displays and fundraisers. We’ll also include pictures from some of the individual offices.

Again, congratulations to every CBIZ employee on another successful food drive. Together, we’re doing our part to put a stop to hunger in our local communities.

The Rubik's Cube display from CBIZ Thompson Dunavant in Memphis.
The office placed third in the large office category.

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